DIY: Upcycled Drinks Trolley

August 22, 2018


Granny tea trolley to alcoholic drinks cart.

After much Instagram envy over the festive period (that was last Xmas and New Year), I discovered gin carts/drink trolleys/bar carts were becoming extremely popular. I mean who doesn’t want a mini bar in their own home?! (especially when it’s full of gin).

Back in May of this year I decided to follow the trend. I found a little tea trolley for sale on Facebook Marketplace for a reasonable £15. I love upcycling so this was the perfect project for me. With plenty of inspiration from Pinterest combined with my botanical themed living space, I already had n idea in mind…

So first of all I started by taking the middle shelf out to create more space. Mini screwdriver to the bolts and job done.

Now this looks ridiculous and I’ll admit this was a totally rushed job, but this was the only glue I had in the house. I think something spreadable like PVA would have been best but this did just fine.

I actually picked up this sample wallpaper for free from Homebase. You can take as many samples as you want which are great for arts and crafts at home. I took a few botanical styled ones but this one fitted in with my theme just perfectly. I stuck the wallpaper down and tried to go round the edges as cleanly as possible.

I’ll always remember my mum telling me that when I was in nursery school my teachers report said that I had great scissor skills (cute). Perhaps not such great knife skills in my older years, but hey something I can work on if I really feel the need.

Ta da! So here it is, my finished drinks trolley. I’d say it took around an hour to up-cycle so literally no time at all and only a £15 spend.

My photos aren’t the best quality as these were taken on my iphone. Please can you recommend any cheap, reliable and fairly good quality cameras? – I need a new one!

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