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My Vintage, Moroccan, Bohemian Home

August 13, 2018

Welcome to my home!

My eclectic style might not be to everyone tastes but this room is definitely my favourite in our house. As we only rent at the moment I haven’t been able to style the other rooms exactly to my taste. A lot of painting and ripping up carpets would be going ahead if I had the choice. We are however so lucky to live in a lovely 3 story house with high ceilings and big, bright windows.

The 3 words to sum up my interior styling would be vintage, Moroccan and bohemian. One of the best things about growing up is that I can look forward to having my whole home filled with cool and eccentric things which I know will come with time.

So basically in this post I’m just going to go through everything I’ve bought for this room and tell you where it came from. If you read my blog you’ll already know how crazy I am for a bargain, or ten… and I also want to prove to people that you can spend minimal amounts and still have nice things.

Sofa – Gumtree – free! (check Gumtree daily for free items. We paid a delivery guy £20 to pick this up and bring it to our house. It’s down filled and I reckon it would have cost a bomb brand new)

Plant – Gumtree – £10

Rug – Carboot sale – £4

Jungle cat wall print (wrapping paper) – CoLab Bristol – £2

Trolly – Facebook marketplace – £15 (further post to come on this)

Deer Antlers – Asda  £6 (sale)

Cushions – Charity shop – £1 each

Constellation print, mirror and clock – gifts

Peacock chair – Facebook market place – £30

Sheepskin rug/throw – Carboot sale – £4

Tall artificial plant – Facebook market place – Free (one of my best finds!)

Leather pouffe – Carboot sale – £4

Mirror – Charity shop – £7

Metal Mini sign – Carboot sale – £4

Smaller plant, artificial leaves, both lanterns – Carboot sale – £2 each

Mirror – Facebook Marketplace – £10 (Another one of my favourite finds. I cannot believe how cheap this mirror was. It’s massive and SO bloody heavy. Which in my eyes means it was originally really expensive right?)

Wooden Art Deco sideboard – E-bay – £50

Cheese plant leaf – Ikea – £3.50

Globe and Pineapple – Carboot sale – £2 each

Ganesh carved buffalo skull – gift (but from ebay!)

Lady Shallot print – Carboot sale – £2

Wicker boxes – Facebook market place – £8

Moon Mirror – Carboot sale – £1

Lightbox – Christmas gift

Llama Cushion – Urban Outfitters – Christmas gift

Desk – Charity Shop (originally from Ikea) – £25 RRP £60

Chair – Charity Shop (originally from Ikea) – £10 RRP £50

Plant – Homebase – £9 (sale)

Orange chest of drawers – gift

I would eventually like to cover this back wall in friends and family photos, but I tell you what it’s so hard to hammer nails into. Hoping I can one day do a similar post on other rooms in my house as this has been so much fun to write about.

Happy bargain hunting and home styling 🙂

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