Autumn 2018 Wishlist

August 10, 2018

It’s the 10th of August and pretty sunny outside. Part of me feels like a terrible person writing about my autumnal wish list. Lets get this straight, I’m not wishing summer away, I’m just very much looking forward to Autumn now.

In my hope to try and save money (I’m going on a 2 week holiday to Australia next February!), I have been trying my ultimate hardest not to buy any new clothes. And when I say new I also mean second hand… just nothing ‘new’ for my wardrobe. With all that in mind it’s still a girls prerogative to dream and lust over some wardrobe must haves.

This is not my usual way of finding/buying clothes as I usually have in my head what I want then always head straight to e-Bay. However when it comes to writing a blog post, linking items for sale on e-Bay just doesn’t quite work, so here are a few of my favourites I’ve managed to find from other online stores…

Black Pinny Dress – Monki

These pinafore/dungaree style dresses have been around for years but for 2018 they seem to have made a big come back on the high street. They’re easy to pick up second hand and a lot of stores already have them in their end of summer sales. I particularly like this looser fitted one styled with a snuggly jumper underneath, perfect Autumn outfit.


Red Denim Mini Skirt – Pretty Little Thing

I’ve been after a red denim skirt for a good while now ’cause red is suitable for all seasons, right!? I picked one up in Primark the other day but I put it back was because the stitching was white – making it look really cheap. These two piece ‘skirt and jacket’ combos are everywhere at the moment and I’ll admit it – I’m a fan!


Puma Suede Platform Trainers

I already own a pair of these black puma trainers but not the platform version! I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and have just about worn them to death. I really love the chunky platform and the snake/croc effect on the sides of these. Not too keen on the £84.99 price tag but something to keep an eye on…  **roll on boxing day sale**


Fjall Kanken Mini Rucksack

My every day back pack which I use for work is absolutely falling apart. Bought from Primark two years ago so it’s done pretty well. After doing some people watching and online research for a new bag, the mini Fjall Kanken found itself a place at the top of my ‘to buy’ list. I want a black, red and a yellow one!



Denim Culotte Jumpsuit – New Look

I think culottes do a lot for a curvy figure, so when it comes to trousers they are my favourite style. This denim jumpsuit has such a cool 70’s vibe. For an autumn look I think paired with a white tee, faux fur jacket and boots would be perfect. Or for a dressed down look have a pair of trainers at the ready! Styled for casual or evening attire, it’s a winner for me.

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