Fashion fads and why I hate them

January 19, 2018

I’ve had a problem with faddy fashion trends from a young age. The way that something ‘trendy’ can flood high street stores and then within a few months it’s almost cringe to wear that one thing again. That thing you thought was really awesome and now it’s sat gathering dust because it’s ‘so last year’. I understand fashion is fast and that’s apart of the fun, but not when my beloved disco pants look better on e-bay.

It also happens with brands. Remember how popular Jane Norman, Abercrombie and Fitch and Pauls Boutique were when they all blew up in our faces. *shudder*

I think we all know it’s easier than ever to keep up with fashion trends thanks to social media. A big round of applause to bloggers, Instagram and Pinterest. I have mad respect for the girls that have insane style and wear what’s ‘in’ before it’s really ‘in’! Now that’s the life of a trendsetter.

2017 seemed to be the year of the hat. The beret, caps, baker boys and those burning man/military/marching band hats. And lets not forget pat butcher earrings, return of the kitten heel and every bloggers Gucci Marmount bag… not hating cause I totally want one too.

I mean trends are trendy (most of the time) but when everyone has them don’t they instantly become less attractive?

As I love a bargain I mostly prefer to purchase charity shop, E-bay or second hand vintage clothing. I’m getting good at pining over something that’s considered ‘on trend’ in the shops then talking myself out of buying it. “Will I still feel as cool wearing this now as I will in 6 months time?” – probably not.

It’s a fast life keeping up with what’s cool and being the first person to do so. Some people are born with and eye for it… others maybe not so much. We should celebrate individuality right? And I love that with the help of social media, more and more people are starting to do just that. With age I’ve become less and less interested in what’s trendy and now prefer to focus more on my own personal style.

Admittedly I had a juicy couture tracksuit when I was 15 but apart from Paris Hilton I was sure it was only me that did… ha.

So now my questions to myself are – Out of what I already own, what are my favourite items of clothing? What suits my body shape the best? What colour do I feel the best in when wearing? (it’s red I’ll have you know) rather than what I think others would appreciate seeing me wear.

Back in the day I worked in retail and I bloody hated it. But the thing I really miss was that I was able to express myself through fashion. Now I work in an office and even though the dress code is casual, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable going to work in my bardot top with red lipstick and hoop earrings. In an office environment I’d probably get mistaken for a wolf of wall street hooker. So I’ll save that get up for the weekend. For now I’ll stick with my comfies and minimal makeup which I sweat off cycling to work anyway… I’m going off topic here.

At the end of day it’s super easy to be sucked into fad trends whether or not they’re fashion related. *cough, fidget spinners*. I would just urge people to try and be a bit more eco friendly. Buy second hand. Save on textile waste and all that! Maybe think twice about that trendy thing you’ve got your eyes on cause who wants to look like everyone else?

But ya know if you really want to buy those Topshop earrings that everyone has then you bloody buy ’em girl! Your happiness is the most important.



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