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November Bargain Buys: Fashion

November 30, 2017

Since re-birthing my blog I haven’t posted anything related to fashion or buying clothes. I think I tried fooling myself by writing in my last post that clothes are not a big part of my life any more… which is a big fat, silly lie. As I work full time in an ‘casual dress’ office, 5 days out of 7 I wear leggings with a long top and trainers or flats. With a touch of mascara and my hair either scraped back in a bun or down and fully poof ball.

I’ve recently realised that there’s really only 2 days a week that can I get dressed up, do my make up and make myself feel good. Of course I could do this every morning but I go to work to pay the bills and not impress anyone (or myself for that matter). Plus I cba with getting up earlier in the mornings to straighten my hair and draw on winged eye liner.

I love buying clothes and I love finding a bargain – so when combing the two I feel like the cat that’s got the cream.

First of all I found this beautiful brand new dress on e-bay for £11.99. As red is the colour of the season, I was looking for a red, long sleeved dress to wear with over the knee boots. This was a little different to what I was looking for but was better than expected. After a bit of research I found It’s actually still available to buy on Asos for over triple the price at £38!

As worn with the dress above, I bought these suede sock boots from Next Clearance. They were originally £75 down to a fabulous £15!

Another bargain from Next Clearance was this leopard skirt which cost me *drum roll*… three pound!! You’d probably pay double that in a charity shop. It didn’t have the original price on it but I’m sure it would have been around 30 squids.

My final purchase from Next was these panelled, rip hem, boy fit jeans. Another absolute bargain down from 34 to £4.

I don’t quite understand how they manage to discount their items by so much?! But on that note I’m definitely going to check out the proper Next sale come boxing day!

I found this black faux jacket in a charity shop for £6. It’s originally from Primark but so old school you can tell by the label. Very chuffed as its lovely and warm and these style jackets are just about everywhere at the moment. Of course with a slightly higher price tag. Similar found in River Island, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

  As soon as Autumn made an appearance I became desperate for a high neck jumper. I found this vintage one on e-bay for £8 and as the 80’s trend is well on its way back this couldn’t be more perfect. Batwing sleeves with a dip back hem back… and it’s red! I found a very similar one on French Connection for £75!

Have you bought any on trend bargains recently ? Did Black Friday get you spending? Perhaps you’re waiting until after Christmas to hit up the boxing day sales!

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