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November 19, 2017

I’ve decided to write this post to give my readers a better sense of who I am. My favourite thing about reading blogs is feeling that sense of connection with the writer. Being able to get to know them on a personal level. Whether that be in the way they dress themselves, their aspirations or their past life experiences.

So my name is Kitty Considine (Kitty, not Kathryn or Kate) and I’m 25 years old. I like all fluffy animals and my favourite foods are the most unhealthy kinds. If it’s smothered in cheese I’ve probably already eaten it. I’m not yet on my dream career path and that’s because I don’t know what that is yet. I am however finally at a stage in my life where I feel content with myself as a person and grateful for everything that I have.

So to paint a picture of how I got here lets go back 13 years.

My parents split up when I was 12 and although I agreed they would be better apart, losing that wholesome family unit helped with turning my mental health upside. I started taking the pill aged 13 to ‘help’ with my horrendous acne and irregular periods. All of this combined with the usual teenage hormones made me a full blown emo by the time I was 14. I don’t mean ’emo’ in music or dress sense because I was a total chav that loved T-Pain, boys and Playboy. But emo in the sense that I thought life hated me and getting out of bed in the morning was the worst thing in the world.

Then one day I found Piczo, made myself a website covered in tacky, blingy gifs and when that got boring I progressed to Bebo. This is where I discovered my passion for creating digital graphics.

I became obsessed and by 2008 I had the most viewed Bebo profile with my username Kittyconi. At my last total count I had 4.3 million views which is something I’ll always be super proud of. I spent my days skiving school to create backgrounds for Bebo, also known as skins.

2 years in my Bebo account got hacked. The hacker and I were both logged into my account at the same time, both editing things until he managed to take over my whole account and started selling his god awful slogan t-shirts. He had tried to do it before when he made a video and put it on youtube but I took back control. This time however was to be the last time. It was the most crazy thing to watch my account being hacked and at 15 I didn’t even know it was possible to do such a thing on the internet!

My account was reported by friends trying to help but the following day my profile was no more. Everything I had put so much effort into was taken away from me. I contacted Bebo but they were not interested in listening to my sob story… Perhaps one reason why they are no longer a successful platform.

Of course good things don’t last forever and sadly I lost a lot of self motivation from the whole experience. Although it was rather heart-breaking I had to stay positive and put the whole ordeal behind me. I had the best time teaching myself how to use Photoshop and growing an online following. If I managed to do it once, I can do it again.

I went to college in Oxford to study graphic design and then to university at Southampton Solent to study a BA in Fashion Graphics. Aged 18 I thought fashion was life and that I would one day be the next assistant in the Devil wears Prada. It’s crazy how much your beliefs and interests can change as you mature. I still love fashion and keeping up with the latest trends but there is so much more to life than clothes. I’ve been going to bootsales since I could walk so have always been about sustainability and being thrifty, finding old or vintage clothing.

My main reason for going to uni was basically because I wasn’t ready to work full time. Also the party lifestyle seemed quite appealing and boy was it! My first year of uni was one of the most enjoyable years of my life. I made some amazing friends, learnt how to cook (microwave pizzas) and as cliché as it sounds – made memories that will last a lifetime.

Uni is also where I found Meow. She used to sleep in my back garden with another cat so I started feeding them thinking they were strays. The other cat didn’t stick around for long but this little kitty did. To cut a long story short she one day surprisingly gave birth to 4 kittens in my bedroom. I decided to keep her. She obviously had no name but because we talked to each other in cat she got stuck with the name Meow.

2011, into my second year of uni my depression and anxiety had returned and I blamed it all on having SAD. “F**k you winter!” was one of my most prominent thoughts. Things got worse when I found out my mum had breast cancer and I had my first panic attack. It started to sink in that not every year of uni was all fun and games fuelled by alcohol. The only thing getting me through was my addiction to smoking weed and Drakes appropriately named Take Care album. I went through 2 more years of mediocre depression and anxiety then decided something had to change. I was sick of being miserable.

Mid 2013 I finished uni, ended my 2 year relationship with my boyfriend and moved back home with my mum and sister. At this point of my life I finally felt free. Scared of what was to come and where I was going but I felt happy again. I had barely any friends so I put in all my effort into make new ones. I wanted to experience new things and  branch out wherever I could. As an introvert that spurt of extroverted behaviour didn’t last long, but it was enough to get the ball rolling on the road to happiness.

I started getting invited to parties, going out every weekend and was having the best time socialising with new and interesting people. In 2015 I was invited to break into a festival with a large group of guys. I was pooping my pants but couldn’t say no – If I didn’t get caught imagine how fun this could be!? Half of the group did get caught but thankfully I was in the half that didn’t. It was here that I met Jack, my now boyfriend. The whole weekend was a whirlwind and I fell head over heels for him while we got lost in the magical forest together. We now live together with Meow and will have been together 2 years in December.

A positive attitude is a state of mind everyone can find within themselves. Before I met Jack I believed that I was the most unluckiest person, even my mum agreed with me. Until Jack told me bad luck is only real if you believe in it. When you stay positive, positive things happen to you – and it’s true.

For a lot of my life I have struggled with a poor relationship with myself. Constantly battling with my thoughts, scared of being judged and wanting to be perceived well by everyone. Until I finally realised that is not possible.

You can’t be every ones cup of tea and you shouldn’t succumb to the pressure of thinking so.

When I turned 25 I decided to become more spiritually connected with myself. To tune deeper into who I am and what I’m all about. Realise my desires and aspirations and aim to achieve them. Be happy and grateful for everything and everyone that has a purpose in my life.

I changed my outlook on life because I really wanted to be happy. I became successful with Bebo because I put a lot of effort in. Good things don’t happen over night and they take hard work to achieve. If I’ve learnt anything from writing this absolute essay of a post, it’s that if you want something enough you will do what it takes to make it happen.

And to remember that happiness is not a destination, it’s apart of your journey through life.

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