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Buying homeware on a budget

November 7, 2017

My home style will of course not be to everyone’s taste, but I wanted to write this post to prove that you can decorate on a budget and still be stylish! Renting a non furnished home meant Jack and I had to buy everything that we needed when we moved to Bristol. This really opened my eyes to how much money I might have to spend… or in my case save!

Gone are the days when I spent every last penny I had on a new top or a handbag, now it’s on interesting and eclectic bits of home ware. It’s a million, trillion miles off yet but I cant wait till we one day buy our very own home. Then I can focus on more of the actual decoration and not just furnishings… (I hate these yellow walls!)

My main inspiration for home styling comes mostly from the Moroccan interiors saved on my Pinterest. I love the rich, warm colors and the laid back atmosphere you can create from low level lighting, scatter cushions and some calming incense. Pop on some jazzy, souly, hip hop and I’m a happy Kit.

Peacock Chair – £30 – Facebook (similar here)

Howea Forsteriana – £10 – Gumtree (similar here)

Sheepskin Rug – £3, Cushion – £1 – Carboot sale (similar here)

How amazing is this chair though?! I found someone selling it on Facebook originally for £50. I haggled him down to £30 and although I really didn’t need it, I had to have it. My mum hates it, I LOVE it. They come up quite often on E-bay, its just a case of finding one close to home as you will more than likely have to collect it.

Fireplace – £9.99 – Charity Shop (similar here)

Drawers – Free – Give to me and decoupaged by Mum

This fireplace surround was originally mahogany when I first saw it in a back room of Charity Shop. It had a sticker price on it for £9.99 and I knew it had so much potential so I made it mine. I painted it with a turquoise £1 tester pot from WIlko and love the rustic way it turned out.

1950s Art Deco Dresser – £50 – E-bay (similar here)

I wanted a dresser / side table / cupboard unit to store all my bits and bobs and searched for a good couple of weeks on Gumtree, E-bay and Facebook to find one. It needed to be cheap but also needed character. I eventually found this one on E-bay for £50 and the seller offered to deliver it to me for an extra 20 quid (no way was this fitting in my mini!)

Definitely thinking of painting it in a similar style to my fireplace, but hmm what colour? Watch this space…

Sun Mirror – £2 – Carboot sale

Moroccan Lanterns – £1 each – Carboot sale

Wooden Unit – Free – Mums shed

Leather Moroccan Pouffe – £3 – Carboot sale (Meows new favourite bed) (similar here)

Standing Lamp – £4 – Carboot sale (same here)

Plant – £1 – Carboot sale

Turquoise Plant pot – £2 – Charity Shop

Sofa – £50 – Gumtree (similar here)

One piece of furniture our landlord gifted to us was our old sofa. We kept it for the first couple of months but it was so upright, stiff and pink. That might be good in some other senses but not for a sofa… it had to go. Again I searched for a long time trying to make sure we got something on the cheap but it had to be comfy. I managed to find this large corner sofa and pouffe for £50 and the seller dropped it off and even brought it into the house for an extra £30.

It couldn’t be more perfect on a hungover Sunday when you just want to get snuggly with a blanket and a well needed take away.

Chair – £4,  Fluffy plant thingy – £1, Elephant cushion – £1 – all from carboot sales

Art Deco Mirror – £10 – Carboot sale (similar here)

I saw this mirror in the back of someone’s boot and thought well she’s obviously sold it. (If your a true bargain hunter you know if something has been put back in the boot then it’s no longer for sale). So I asked anyway ’cause it was just too beautiful to pass and oh my, she said it was for still up for grabs… and for only £10. I’ll admit this was kinda pricey for a carboot purchase but I wasn’t going to haggle and basically threw at a tenna at her.

Terrarium – £4 – Carboot Sale (similar here)

Glass Bowls – £2 each – Charity Shop

White Baskets – £1 – Poundland

You’re bound to find these glass bowls in any charity shop that you decide to visit. They’re cheap, come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for storing jewellery, perfumes and make up. I think I’ve got an original fruit bowl here!

As you can see the majority of my purchases are actually from carboot sales. I miss going to them so damn much. One thing I really do love about Oxford is the amount of really great boot sales it had on offer. I sometimes visited multiple sites on a single Sunday morning but since I moved to Bristol I have been to three… three in 8 months!!! They were all at different sites which were all extremely disappointing so I didn’t bother going again. (If you know of any good ones in the Bristol area pleaseeeee let me know).

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good rummage in a boot sale pile or charity shop box, finding an absolute gem and knowing I’ve saved a load of money on something which should be triple the price.

Happy bargain hunting ♥

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  1. Oh wow, you’ve found SO many incredible bargains! I love your sun mirror. I never tend to see good homeware at carboot sales… Have you tried the Clifton car boot? The Cheddar one if pretty good!

    1. Thank you Tara. I wasn’t aware there was one in Clifton! You’re about the 4th person to tell me Cheddar is good so I will have to get up extra early on Sunday and take a drive there! 🙂

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