DIY : Queen of the Dead Sea (Halloween Mermaid)

October 31, 2017

I am absolutely crazy about Halloween. I love fancy dress and anything a little scary so this is my time to shine when it comes to being creative.

My first choice for a costume this year was to go as mermaid. A little over done I know but I couldn’t shake the idea! On the sly I spent 4 days at work doing some cheeky Pinterest research looking into costume ideas. This eventually started draining the sh*t out of me as I wasn’t quite happy with anything that I found. I could just imagine the club night that we are going to filled with girls dressed as mermaids all wearing the same outfit, oh the horror! I started to think it was time to change my initial idea and maybe go as a classic old vampire instead… Then I had an idea.

Why would I want to be an average mermaid when I could be… The Queen of the Dead Sea!

So for this look I used the following –

  • Glue Gun – E-bay – £3.30 (includes 20 glue sticks)
  • Sheer Glitter Fabric – Fabricland – £6 for a meter and a half (Bristol store)
  • Montana Gold Spray Paint – Fat Buddha Store – £7.95 (£5.50 on sale!)
  • Mesmereyez Contact Lenses – Hunt or Dye – £6.99
  • String of Shells – Charity Shop – £3.95
  • Hairband – Primark – £1 (sale!)
  • Bra – Primark – £2
  • Jar of Shells – Poundland – £1
  • Devils fork – Poundland – £1

Glitter, gold rope, stick on gems, string, cardboard and scissors were all found around the house. See what you have lying around, you’ll probably be amazed at what you can turn into something pretty (e.g. this bit of cardboard!)

So first of all I started by spray painting the necessary bits. Although skin coloured which is what I wanted, this bra was way too pink, a bargain at £2 however! A light dusting of gold spray paint actually made it match my skin tone a whole lot better (Hmm is my skin golden or just dirty?). The devils pitchfork was to be my trident and the hairband was the base for my shell crown.

So my trident came out pretty perfect but spraying paint onto cheap plastic doesn’t last long… It eventually all flakes off.

My headband some how came out silver and not gold but hey I can work with this. This piece of cardboard was actually the packaging to my new bike helmet and the only thing I could find which was stiff but still bendy.

This was the first time I’d actually ever used a glue gun (oh my god it was sooo much fun!). I started by gluing the cardboard to my hairband which took me number of tries to get perfect.

Which I then cut into a more of a crown like shape.

Although I thought this hairband was genuinely hideous at first glance, once I had sprayed it gold (or silver), it worked rather well with my under the sea theme.

Back to the glue gun, let the crown commence!

I had read other tutorials before making this one and was advised to place my shells out on the table the way I would want them on the crown. I tried this but just became frustrated. Laying the shells flat on the work top obviously doesn’t look the same as if they were on a crown. So instead I spent a small while holding different ones in different places and looking in the mirror before securing them with glue.

So here we are, nearly finished. As you can see the majority of the shells I used were connected with wire leaving them with lots of unpleasant looking holes. This is where the gems came in!

Although the holey shells probably would have worked well with my overall theme, the gems certainly tidied it up.

Now on to my shelly bra top. Using the same glue gun technique as the crown, I was surprised how well the shells stayed in place. I ran out of gems to cover cover the holes but was happy with the overall look. Definitely could have gone to town with this bra by adding more detailing but I ran out of time and reached my budget for spending.

So I spent around £30 in total (not including the things I had lying around the house). I could have bought a brand new costume for that price and saved myself hours of DIY’ing but it was so much fun and I cant wait to do it again next year.


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