Moving from Oxford to Bristol

October 24, 2017

So in March of this year, Meow, my boyfriend Jack and I made the ever so exciting move from Oxford to Bristol. Our main reason was that we longed for a more exciting life outside of work hours. With a small bit of persuasion we knew Bristol was the place to be.

Don’t get me wrong, Oxford is a beautiful city which will always be my home town… but in my honest opinion it couldn’t be more boring for those aged 16-24. Having lived there for the majority of my life apart from 3 uni years in Southampton, there was nothing for me anymore. I had rinsed the nights out, the shops, the restaurants and all of the take-aways that Oxford had to offer. If you’re an academic it’s a great city, if you’re a creative however, art, music and fashion seems to be some what a distant dream, few and far between.

Fair play to those millennials that are pushing for change and trying to make Oxford a more creative city. For me however, well I was done. I was ready for an exciting new adventure.

With that in mind Jack and I decided we were going to move. We moved in together after 3 months of official relationship (when you know, you know, right?!). We lived together for a year in a lovely house just off Cowley Road in Oxford before moving to Montpelier in Bristol.

I’ve moved house before but moving my life to Bristol was hands down the most stressful thing ever. Trying to find a new home and a new job while living in a city over an hours drive away was the definition of intense. We had only 2 months to do this, limited time we could take off work and I was running out of money! In the end we finally managed it and I’m happy to admit I don’t miss Oxford one little bit.

Another reason for moving to Bristol was to create more wonderful memories with our friends. We spent a hell of a lot of our weekends over summer 2016 exploring and partying in Bristol. We’ve had numerous Sunday afternoons where we’ve had to drag our hungover asses off of Jamie and Ellas Stokes Croft sofa and head back to Oxford. Then it finally dawned on us how amazing it would be if we just lived here too… So we now rent a house a 3 minute walk away.

I love Bristol. You can spark up a conversation with just about anyone you meet on the street. It’s thriving with street art and over 70% of the shops/cafes are independently owned, giving it a real sense of community. Bristol is a Labour voting city which says a lot in itself and if you didn’t know already, it was also voted as ‘The best city to live in for 2017’.

If you’re thinking of moving to a new city – just bloody do it! Any negative thoughts just put them behind you and think about your future life. There were times where I did question if I was doing the right thing but I trusted my heart. The stress was totally worth it and I couldn’t be happier with my new life in Bristol. Here’s to many more adventures and the exciting times ahead…

Exploring by bike is the best way to get around!

Camembert for one…. oink

Blue Lagoon sharing platter

 Views of Clifton Suspension Bridge from The White Lion

Ella <3

Eat a Pitta

Casa Mexicana sharing platter

Where for art thou Meowo

Bike ride views… we cycled 12 miles to Portishead!

My beautiful (bargain!) front room… post to follow on that.

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